IASNM’s Chai with Scintillating Stars: Webcast Series #8 (Dr. Helen Nadel)

Wishing for new opportunities and accomplishments in the year 2022, Dr. Ishani Dalal began the first guest interview of the year with a versatile personality, none other than the Vice Chair elect of SNMMI 2021, Dr. Helen Nadel. She is winner of Senior Investigator award 2021 and Lifetime achievement award for contributions to European Society of pediatric nuclear medicine. She is board certified in pediatric radiology and nuclear medicine. She is director of Pediatric Nuclear Medicine and PET/MRI at Lucile Packard Children’s Hospital at Stanford. She has 70 plus peer reviewed articles and written chapters in 23 books. She is currently editor of a book on ‘Practical approach on every day Pediatric Nuclear Medicine’. She reviewed many high index journals and holds chair position in multiple major society meetings.

Talking about her journey so far, Dr. Nadel expressed her gratitude to the people she met and worked with. She recalled her early days in University of Toronto. The advance technology in Radiology fascinated her to change her mind away from the clinical world. The major switch occurred when she met Dr. Nashville, who has been a world-famous pediatric Radiologist. Nuclear Medicine happened later when she was introduced to functionality of NM correlated to anatomy. She loved the challenge while working at Sick kids, Toronto. She transited from Vancouver where she started a new pediatric nuclear medicine department. PET/MRI initiative at Stanford drove her interest to North America. The bigger drive was Dr. Sam Gambhir, remembering him Dr. Nadel said, ‘He is a huge loss to our community and will remain a big impact on my life’.

Talking about enhancing collaboration of SNMMI with IASNM, Dr. Nadel admitted that it is important to develop international collaborations, develop global initiatives and international sponsorships, which are all the highlights of SNMMI. One area where we could advance, would be research, including registry. The wealth of caseloads can be exchanged globally and is of interest in time.

Thoughts on retaking the journey, Dr. Nadel would not do much different but would listen better, be patient, and praise more often. She would also do more research and know statistics better. She stressed on communication and taking advantage of extension of knowledge. She added that she enjoys meeting people, reads for pleasure, enjoys theater and travel. She expressed her desire to visit India. She is now exploring Stanford campus and likes baking.

Near the end of the interview, Dr. Nadel again stressed on getting connected with people at local level, seek out for good mentors, and develop one’s own recognition. The ladies ended up discussing Chai as Dr. Nadel parted the message, ‘Everything takes an effort and effort takes time, but when it pays back, it is greater than expected!’. Summary write-up provided by Khushboo Gupta, MD (Secretary, IASNM)


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