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Indo-American Society Of Nuclear Medicine

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IASNM aspires to the be the key platform to connect Nuclear Medicine Professionals of Indian origin in the US, India and all over the world.

Our Mission

To promote better patient care with Nuclear Medicine by facilitating education, research and collaboration.

News Update


IASNM & MISI sign a Memorandum of Understanding about Collaboration

The Indo-American Society of Nuclear Medicine (IASNM) and the Molecular Imaging Society of India (MISI), two organizations that are deeply engaged with nuclear medicine and molecular imaging professionals, are proud to announce a new partnership designed to grow and enhance both organizations’ core goal of promoting molecular imaging, facilitating education and research and fostering collaborations for an improved healthcare. Both IASNM and MISI have strong ties to Indian scientific and clinical molecular imaging, and intend to leverage those relationships towards a common goal.

IASNM's Interview Team

IASNM Launches "Chai with Scintillating Stars"as a webcast series on our YouTube Video Channel

IASNM proudly announces “Chai with Scintillating Stars”, a webcast series bringing to you an inspiring interview session with interesting Q&A with well-known physicians and pioneers in our field, renowned scientists, physicists, and radio pharmacists, as well as industry leaders in the world of Nuclear Medicine and Molecular Imaging in the US and India. This new initiative will also allow us learn more about the experience and life lessons from these experts in our field.

IASNM is honored to present it’s first interview in this series with none other than Dr. Abass Alavi, a giant in the field of Nuclear Medicine & Molecular Imaging to inaugurate this initiative for IASNM. Please visit the interview below:

IASNM’s Chai with Scintillating Star: Dr. Abass Alavi!


IASNM appoints Drs. Baljinder Singh and Ashwin Singh Parihar as liaisons with SNM-I

SNM is happy to announce that Dr. Baljinder Singh (current President, SNM-India) and Dr. Ashwin Singh Parihar have accepted to act as liaisons for IASNM to SNM-I. As liaisons, they will assist the IASNM President and the Board of Directors (BOD) in facilitating IASNM’s collaboration with SNM-I and the Nuclear Medicine Professionals in India. This engagement will further serve to strategically expand the scope of our initiatives for Nuclear Medicine Professionals of Indian origin as the liaisons identify issues relevant to IASNM’s mission in this context and recommend appropriate actions, policies, and programs to lead the organization in the 21st century. IASNM is enthusiastically looking forward to working with the liaisons on various IASNM initiatives in India as well as here in the US.


Latest Blogs

Did you see my heart?

Did you see my heart?

Jitesh Dhingra We frequently observe FDG uptake in the myocardium while performing whole body oncologic PET/CT scans. In this review we will demonstrate a spectrum of FDG findings in myocardium to allow a better interpretation of FDG PET images and reduce clinical...

Case 3

Case 3

A 65 year female w/ memory loss, cognitive impairment & MMSE score of 21. After a thorough workup, dementia is suspected. She undergoes this scan. Based on the scan, the patient: 1. Most likely has Fronto-temporal dementia. 2. Is unlikely to have Alzheimer’s...

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IASNM provides a platform for Nuclear Medicine Professionals in India, USA and elsewhere to connect and collaborate. Originally conceived to promote and share knowledge of Nuclear Medicine to India through Nuclear Medicine Professionals of India origin in the US, IASNM’s focus has evolved with changing times from sharing to networking and collaboration; a testimony to the significant strides India has made in the field of Nuclear Medicine.





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In-training members include residents, fellows, post-docs, graduate students or medical students. A document confirming in-training member status like letter from program director will be asked to be submitted if membership is accepted.

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What is Nuclear Medicine & Molecular Imaging?

Molecular imaging is a type of medical imaging that provides detailed pictures of what is happening inside the body at the molecular and cellular level.

About Nuclear Medicine & Molecular Imaging:

Nuclear Medicine is branch of medicine that uses the radioactivity for diagnosis and therapy. It started in the mid-1920s when German scientists experimented with radionuclides on rats.

Diagnostic Nuclear Medicine (Radionuclide Imaging, Nuclear Scintigraphy):

Tracers (pharmaceuticals labeled with radiation emitting isotopes or radionuclides) are administered to patients (either intravenous, orally, inhalation, subcutaneously/subdermally) and the radiation emitted is detected by scintillation cameras (gamma cameras or PET cameras) and images are produced from this, depicting the distribution of the tracer within the body.

Therapeutic Nuclear Medicine:

Radiopharmaceuticals are administered (usually intravenously) to treat disease with curative or palliative intent. They act by killing abnormal cells within the body by high but localized radiation exposure (akin to targeted internal radiation).

Molecular Imaging:

PET/CT, a hybrid imaging technique, combines functional/physiologic imaging with the more traditional anatomic/structural imaging. By providing the best of both worlds, it has played a pivotal role in ushering in the new era of Molecular Imaging, to go hand in hand with Molecular Medicine in the 21st century.

Professional Organizations:

Society of Nuclear Medicine and Molecular Imaging (SNMMI) http://www.snmmi.org/

Society of Nuclear Medicine – India (SNM-I) http://www.snmindia.com


The Indo-American Society of Nuclear Medicine (IASNM) was conceived in 1979 and incorporated as a non-profit tax-exempt organization in the State of Texas in 1984. The membership of the Society primarily consists of physicians, scientists and technologists in nuclear medicine, although interested professionals in other disciplines also can be members of the Society. The major objective of this Society is to advance the profession of nuclear medicine through exchange of ideas and knowledge among its members, and also to help promote the state-of-the-art nuclear medicine in the developing countries, namely, India.

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About Nuclear Medicine & Molecular Imaging

Molecular imaging is a type of medical imaging that provides detailed pictures of what is happening inside the body at the molecular and cellular level.

Our Members

IASNM is an open platform of collaboration for the Nuclear Medicine Professionals in India, USA and elsewhere.

Our Meetings

We have an annual meeting on the Sunday during the SNMMI Annual Meeting every year. We also do a cojoint CE session during the SNM-India Annual meeting.


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